2017 Stormwater Symposium Volunteers

The 2017 ASCE-EWRG Stormwater Symposium coming up and is looking for volunteers to help them out.

Where: OMSI
When: September 13th-14th
Contact: Alice Root aroot@pdx.edu

Volunteers will receive free attendance on the day of their task(s), a pint glass and a t-shirt in exchange for their help working the event. This is a great networking opportunities! They are looking for anywhere between 3-6 students. Please contact Alice Root (contact) to sign up.

The responsibilities of student volunteers typically include one or more of the following:

  • Helping stuff binders with printed materials (programs, etc.)
    • Usually one evening, a day or two, prior to the event
  • Onsite registration during the two days of the event
    • Basically just signing people in and distributing materials (binders, name tags, etc.)
    • Usually only takes up a portion of the morning and volunteers are then free to attend the remaining talks, networking events, etc. for that day
  • Leading bike tour groups
    • The bike group typically gets subdivided a bit during the tour, and generally this task is to keep the groups on the right path

There might be opportunities to help set up on September 11 and 12th. Feel free to email for more information.