It’s come to that time of the year for the rest of the officers for Portland State’s ASCE Chapter to be elected!

Activities Coordinator, Outreach Coordinator, Communication Coordinator and Concrete Canoe Captain(s) are still open for nominations! To nominate someone, click HERE!

NOTE: If the form throws an error, try logging into your @pdx.edu gmail account, and then clicking the link again. If it still doesn’t work, please email us at asce.psu@gmail.com.

Officer Roles Remaining

Activities Coordinator

The activity coordinator plans and schedules activities such as lunch & learns, site tours, and socials. They may also be asked to assist in conference and outreach planning. This position involves connecting with professionals to come speak at our events and trying to schedule events for maximum participation.

Communications Coordinator

The communications coordinator ensures that the newsletter is complete, accurate, and is sent out consistently every week. They are also responsible for our social media presence (Facebook, Instagram). It’s recommended that this officer plan on forming a committee to help with these tasks – recruit your friends!

Outreach Coordinator

The outreach coordinator looks for opportunities for ASCE members to interact with K12 student groups, other PSU student groups and clubs, and professional organizations. They also act as a point of contact with ASCE Oregon and the Younger Member’s Forum, and with community groups.


Competition Teams

Every year, PSU ASCE packs up 25-30 students and heads off to a student competition conference (next week: headed to Boise). The main events are the Steel Bridge, Concrete Canoe, and Environmental Challenge competitions. Schools field these teams and their projects are judged. Winners go on to a national conference where they compete against schools from across the US.

Team captains are responsible for building and managing their teams. They are given a budget, and the year’s build rules, and then asked to guide their team towards a finished design. The PSU ASCE advisor, Evan Kristof, is available to help the captains with issues that arise, but the captains largely direct their teams. They also remain active ASCE officers in activity and outreach events. These are big, complicated projects, but the experience gained by being a member of a competition team will serve you well in both academic and professional pursuits.

Co-Captains are welcome for each team!


Concrete Canoe

Come up with a low-density concrete, figure out how to make a canoe out of it, and then put it in the water and race it against the other schools. Canoes are primarily judged on the strength of their documentation – and of course, how well they perform in the races! The canoe reports need to cover every aspect of the design and build, and the presentation of this material is a large factor in the scoring. Concrete canoe is a great place to get involved if you’re interested in materials design, or if you enjoy technical research and documentation. A healthy love of being out on the water helps too.